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Are you proud to be a Chinese person?

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Shawn Zheng, studied at University of Western Ontario
Before no, when I got to Canada, I started to read news in CNN, BBC, etc to improve my English, almost all I heard about China was “human rights” and “pollution” and other negative things..Furthermore, to “adapt” to the mainstream culture, many of my Chinese friends were like “I only speak English, and I am Canadian not Chinese,” although they had been in Canada for just one or two years. Many of my Western friends also just asked me negative things about China, my professors said that Chinese government is dictatorship, it is bad..I really started to doubt why I am Chinese, I yearned to be white, or Latino, anything but not Chinese
And after several years, I found that my “shitty” home city(a small city in Northwest of China) has changed dramatically, and people live much better. Beijing, Shanghai have become first-tier international cities. Meanwhile, things haven′t changed a lot in the West, and the news is so biased, they just try to describe China in every possible negative way.
Also, in China we have great food, historical sites with 5000 years of history, tea, beautiful natural sites and diverse culture from 56 ethnic groups…
So now I am very proud of being Chinese, not only because of the development, also because of the cultural heritage we have, we should really cherish it






Tian Xia, General Manager
I was born in China in the year 1985.
I used to be pro-western culture, when I was in middle school and high school in China.
Then I studied in the UK for 6 years, at the university of southampton.
Due to my career,I used to travel to many countries, including Syria (before war),Iran,south Korea, north Korea,USA, Brazil,the Philippines,India,Indonesia,and a few other countries.
Now I’m extremely proud to be Chinese, and I’m very patriotic.

这张写在AC 353的纸张上的《兰亭序》,是大多数中国学生都要在学校学习的内容,我们仍然可以从几千年前的祖先那里感受到他们的情感和精神。

We invented the paper, the printing,and compass, and gun powder, we greatly contribute to the entire human civillization.


We used to be the largest trading country in human history, since the last 2000 years ago, we were the silk-road initializer. We used to export mass of silk,ceramic products etc, we are the king of trading,we are the world-businessman. No matter you like or not like, chinese products are the top-seller in the world.


China overtakes US in world trade 中国在世界贸易中超过美国。(译注:这是插的链接)

List of countries by net exports - Wikipedia 按净出口分列的国家名单-维基百科

We discovered Africa earlier than the others,but we never colonize africa. We had the best sailors like zhenghe, we discovered the world 100 years earlier than Westerners.


Based on the one belt one way, the national top-strategy, we are now the top investor of infrastructure of the world, we are now the world investor.


China to invest heavily in Belt and Road countries(译注:链接)


We just overtake USA to fill the most patents of the world, we soon became the world inventor.


China's innovation patents surge in number and quality in 2017(译注:这是插入链接)


Now, you know why I’m so proud to be Chinese.




Amian Tse
I am a HongKonger, and I couldn't be prouder to call myself a Chinese. I was born in Hong Kong in 1992. Later, my family moved to mainland China when I was about 12. I got my bachelor degree in Beijing and now I am studying for my master degree in Australia. In the years I lived in mainland China, I experienced nothing but kindness. For this, those HongKongers who discriminate mainlanders just because they were from 'backward mainland' should be ashamed. And to those mainland Chinese who were provoked by those ignorant HongKongers and feel deeply hurt, I am sorry. It broke my heart to see some people try to sabotage the relationship between Hong Kong and Mainland. What the hell is happening!? We are families and we are supposed to love each other!
Sorry if I get a bit carried away and too emotional… Besides that the people of China is kind, there is another reason I feel proud to be a Chinese. China is a country with vast land, incredible diversity, rich culture, best food, long history and so much more. How could anyone not be proud of that? If I only identify myself as a HongKonger, I would miss all that, and be left with what, hundred years of disgraceful history of being a colonial city?




Xiao Lin, lives in Zhongshan City
upxed Apr 5, 2018
Asked before my senior high school, I’d answer no;
Asked during my senior high school, I’d answer yes;
Asked during my university, I’d answer no;
Asked now, I’d answer why not?




Therefore, I felt quite inferior. Proud? It never exists.


At senior high school
There were two branches you could choose, liberal arts and natural science. I chose the former, which means the university entrance exam (高考, Gaokao) would cover Chinese, maths, English, politics, history and geography.
To make sure we could get a good grade in that essential exam, the school required us to watch news and read newspapers every day, because the exam always kept up with the trend. Gradually I found China was becoming better and better, and my pride of being Chinese began to grow greater and greater.
Meanwhile, I had my first chance to talk with foreigners directly online. My pride clashed against the image many foreigners had towards China, while more and more questions emerged in my mind.
If my memory serves me well, the first foreigner I talked with is a girl from the UK. Once knowing she believed in some religion, I was really shocked, because I thought religions were just superstition and people in modern society would no longer believe in them.



This is my diary at high school:


Around the world, it seems only China looks really peaceful. Maybe it’s because Chinese people worship pragmatism: what they merely want is money, and they don’t pursue those holy religions or politician beliefs. Is it fortune or misfortune? A merit or a taint?



Very confused.


About politics ( the date of the diary is wrong. It should be Thursday and Friday in 2012):


China votes against sending the troops to Syria. Russia is (also) against the idea.
Do we do a right thing?


I feel very sad. Because many Africans hate China!
Partly because of the western media to spread the wrong idea.
Alas, China, what can I do for you?


Now it embarrasses me a bit.
So you can see my agony, inner struggle and the sense of helplessness.
I was proud of being Chinese, feeling quite upset that not everyone loved China and at the same time begining to think if what I believed was right.


During my university.
Suddenly the people around me in the university had strong contempt for patriots, believing they had been brainwashed and unrational. Whenever seeing something negative happening in China, people would usually conclude that it was because of the government, the Party, the system.
It seems the public turned to the other extreme from an extreme. And I was also swayed by the trend. Especially in my major, people were very eager to disclose the ‘dark side’ of China. Once engaged in the negative information, I’d like to explore more, and more and more. It was a vicious cirle.




Rui Yang (于 朵), B.A. from Southeast University
Well, I am a 20-year-old Chinese girl and started using Quora yesterday. I am from one of the universities of China, and my major is art instead of English. So there might be some mistakes in my answer.
But I want to say that I am proud of being Chinese.
Since I started browsing Quora, I found many “stupid” questions (at least to my eyes they are so stupid) in this platform such as “Is China very poor?” “Does China have any electricity?” “Does China have highway?”…
I understand that many foreigners have not come to China before, but as a Chinese I know how to use VPN and browse the websites abroad to open my eyes. How about some of the foreigners from developed countries? Did they even try to learn more about China? I consider that many of their opinions of China are still stereotypes.
What I want to say is that China is not as poor as you think. We have many first-tier cities that are modern and prosperous, many highly-qualified universities with talented students, and many employees who are working in every corner of the country to make China better and better…
In China, we have Alipay (a kind of online payment method). So there is no need for us to use cash when paying. As a young person, I have no wallet, let alone having it stolen when taking public transport. We are proud of our high-speed railways. As a girl from the north, I went to south China to studay at university and even will hunt for jobs here in future, which will not worry my parents because I can take the high-speed railway and spend only a few hours going home, any time, whenever I want. We also have Taobao, where we can buy nearly anything we want and enjoy express service wherever we are.
In the future, I believe that my country will become strong enough to let others know more about the real China.

自从我开始浏览Quora以来,我发现许多“愚蠢”的问题(至少在我眼里他们是如此愚蠢),比如“中国是非常穷的吗?”“中国有没有电?”“中国有高速公路吗? “...


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