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Are most people who live in China happy to live there?


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Richard O'Connell, lives in China (2007-present)
Answered Mon
When I first met my wife I was so naive.
I had this thought in the back of my mind that I was being used as a way for her to escape China to the UK.
We eventually visited the UK for Christmas and we did have a great time. However after the initial excitement wore off, I got a sense she found life a bit dull. The cloudy weather, empty streets (she said the suburbs felt like a Ghost Town), how unsfafe she felt outside at night, the constant complaining and how closed off everyone was with each other.


She’d sometimes be asked why she wanted to move to the UK and I got the feeling people were looking for her to explain how amazing life there was compared to China. A friend’s father was pushing her to try and admit she was attracted by all the free benefits and if she worked here she’d be taking jobs away from local people. It was clear she never had the intention to move to the UK and this trip just confirmed it for herself.


Al Allington
Mon • 28 upvotes
I love China but not to cold winters and hot/humid summers. I love the spring and fall so it works pretty well for us. Fall in China, winters in Cambodia/Laos and summers in our home in Michigan with its big yard,big garden and all my friends and family.
My Chinese wife didn’t really want to escape China and once when I ask what she wanted to see in the USA she said she wanted to visit a farm and pick up eggs. Hmmm I expected NYC or Disney or Chicago to meet Obama :-)
We came back to Michigan last summer and by October she was ready to go back to China. We spent two months in China then most of the cold winter in Michigan (with a trip to Mexico) and of course summer is here now and she spends hours everyday in the garden and yard.. but ready to head back to China this fall.
I feel safe and welcomed in China.



Katie Pedro
23h ago • 1 upvote from Al Allington
I agree, being located at the east coast of a continent, the weather in China sucks :(. I wish we can have weather like in California coastal cities. My outdoor balcony could have so much time in use every year by then and my plants would grow even better.


China has positioned itself, with the help of the U.S., to win the trade war long before it even started. China bought so many U.S. Treasury notes that it is the largest lender to the U.S. government. As of December 2018, the U.S. debt to China was $1.12 trillion, which comes to 28% of the total public debt owned by foreign countries. Furthermore, the trade deficit that Trump hates so much is actually the result of U.S. manufacturers choosing to manufacture their goods in China since it would be too expensive to manufacture anywhere else. U.S. imports are therefore actually not really imports since they’re the U.S.’s own factories in China that are merely sending their own stuff back home. Increasing tariffs on your own offshore manufacturing plants are obviously baffling to say the least. These offshore factories exist to reduce costs for U.S. consumers. So, surprise, I guess. You’re kind of cutting your own throat.


Liu LiSong, lives in China
Answered Mon
Last week, I accepted the invitation of the Lixian government with great gratitude and went to the local area to participate in a tourism promotion event. Lixian is located about 100 kilometers northwest of Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It is located on the edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and was seriously damaged in the 2008 earthquake. In order to help the local revitalize the economy, I did some insignificant tourism promotion and e-commerce services for them a few years ago. Thanks for not forgetting the nameless people like me.


The local government spent a lot of resources and developed a tourist area in the middle of the mountains. It is called Bi Penggou(毕棚沟).
The following photos were taken by myself with Huawei Mate 20 Pro.
I went there a few years ago, when there were no residents, only a few tourists, and the infrastructure was not perfect.

以下照片是我用华为Mate 20 Pro拍摄的。


The local government has recruited many young people with higher education. They live in the mountains and provide local people with professional guidance in training and tourism development. They come from all parts of China and their professional direction is completely different. Most of the local social resources have been invested in the construction of infrastructure, and their living conditions are not very good. Many people were sunburned by the sun in the highlands.


I passed the Lixian city. Although the infrastructure is new and modern, local officials told me that the people are still poor. They need more industry and business help. He asked us to pay more attention to the people in the mountains. We solemnly promised him.


However, I did not see complaints, pain and despair. The outside world and the local people work together to make full use of the local natural resources so as to achieve further development and prosperity. Most people work very hard, working 14 hours a day is a normal, but everyone is very happy. Because they know that the city and her people have the best hope and future.


Chen Zhigong (陳治功), A Chinese living in China and France
Answered May 18
Yes, I’m very happy about my life in China, much happier than that in France (I lived in France for 3 years). I’m from Tianjin, China.
A photo of my city:


Michel McGill, Born, lived and worked in China.
Answered May 17
Yes. Don’t take my answer as granted. Just to see how many refugees and how many tourists come out of China? You can make the calculation and your won conclusion. The ratio the people in China feeling happy to those feeling unhappy is about the same ratio of Chinese tourists to Chinese refugees. Take a comparison, the refugees flooding Europe and the refugees heading the American-Mexican border are mostly from countries democratized by the US through military interferences. Are they happy living in their own countries after the US helped them overthrown so many dictators? I assume the questioner assumes that Chinese people are unhappy because they need the US to bomb the dictator. Is the west willing to receive 1.4 billion refugees? or tourists?