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Do Chinese people think Westerners are naive?


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Hui Wang, M.S. Telecommunications &Finance, Tsinghua University (2003)(清华大学通信与金融理科硕士,2003)
I am a Chinese and 2/3 of my time lived inmainland China, when I was a kid and traveled nowhere, I did believe westsuperior than east at all levels. Then when I traveled to India and Russia(theyare not real western countries), I found that, ok, not only Chinese peoplenaive. And then I traveled to North America, I realized, wow, this is truenaive. And finally I visited Australia and north Europe, I got shocked, isthere bottom line for naive?!


So yes, sometimes and to some extent we dothink westerners naive, let me share one story, I named this story as how couldChinese audit an European company:


“Well, I cannot judge the nature of yourvisit and I will transfer your application to Danish Immigration Service tomake the judgement and you will get the feedback in 60 working days, duringthat period of time your passport will be held in the Danish embassy !” 60working days??? Well, maybe it’s too far from Beijing to Copenhagen to send thefiles. And I just wait day by day. That was at the beginning of March. And atthe last day of April, I finally got the response from immigration service, Iwas refused to issue the VISA, and the reason is “They believe I am a threat toDanish public policy and internal security”. I contact my Danish colleagues andthey told me they never received any verification request from any Danishdepartments, no telephone, no email, no letter. So I have enough reasons tobelieve they just hold my application and ask nobody about my trip, and justrefused it with an extremely ridiculous reason. And thanks Danish people forgiving me a chance to threaten some countries’ internal security!


Obviously Danish officers didn’t fullyunderstand the situation or, they just didn’t care 600 Danish people’s job.This story shows the ignorant, arrogant, and extremely inefficient Europepeople, and also a shadow of many other westerners.
So since long time ago I did not believewestern system any more as I used to do.
And by the way, another similar story isjust happening right now, in China it just took me one day to receive myproduct bought online from Guangzhou to Beijing( about 2000 kilometers), andtwo weeks from Chicago to NYC and, it was broken and, another one monthcommunication with seller without any result :(


Alexander Finnegan, J.D. Law, MarxistLeninist(法学博士,马列主义者)
I am not Chinese. But here is myimpression:
Chinese people become frustrated whenWesterners come to Whitesplain to them about the values of Western styleliberal democracy, considering the fact that China is a 5000 year old richculture. My impression is that they see some members of the media, people likeTrump, and others who believe that Western culture is “superior” to Easternculture are indeed naive. The reason is because if they understood the goodthings about Chinese culture they wouldn’t so readily try to change Chineseculture. This gives some Westerners a kind of tone deafness that makes dialoguedifficult. Because you have to come at someone with a certain level of opennessto make meaningful dialogue.


Some Westerners are also naive to believethat they can attack another country and force Western style democracy on thepeople and they will appreciate it. This was tried in Iraq and it was adisaster. Neoconservatives are naive. They lack an appreciation for the nuancesand complexities of other cultures and people. It also displays a level ofmoral self-righteousness and paternalism.


Johnny Chao
You do realize technology leapfrogs, likeAfrica skipped the landline phase of infrastructure development, or even thingslike 2G? Or china skipped the whole credit card infrastructure aspect ofpayment processing and went straight to mobile payment/wallet. Don’tunderestimate the power of 1 billion people on a continent rich of resourceswith a huge young labour force hungry for a better life after centuries ofoppression. And you’re also forgetting the chance of a collapse in the west.
Maybe you’re 90 years old so you definitelywon’t see it, but for people younger than 30–40 years old, they will.


Nelson Buddison
If that’s the case I would suggest ourfellow Chinese friends stop moving to the West and stealing inferior Westerntechnologies. Learn a superior African language and move to Africa. There areway toooo many Chinese dreaming of moving to the West the Western world can nolonger handle all of them. Africa should come to our rescue ... indeed lol


Johnny Chao
The funny thing is, even though you stolethe land from natives and murdered them, now you consider this your land/homeand think you have the right to tell anyone to not come/leave the place.
Guess what, you have no power to stop/startanyone from coming to your country, the democracy doesn’t work.
And in terms of people “dreaming” to moveto the west, your scope of thought is just too small, africa,india, china,south east asia add up to 4+ billion people, the bottom 5-10% who have very fewoptions locally would definitely want to move over, and that is 200- 400million, so you think it’s a lot. But for every person that wants to move,there’s 3–4 that don’t. That’s like saying there’s all these expats in chinatrying to teach english because they would be otherwise unemployed socialoutcasts back home and that means the west wants to move to china.


Enric Zheng
There are good sides of western votingsystem and capitalism - however, many westerners seem to neglect the problemsalong with them.


Monica Lee
Agree with u man. Some westerners are tooself-righteous to see the good point of others. Big good e.g. Donald Trump -who likes to trumpet around his ideals.


Richard Hsu
Too young, too simple, too naive.