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If China is so powerful, why don't I, an American, see Chinese influence?


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Larry Park, former International Trade
upxed Jun 1
If you are an American not living in avery remote and isolated place, how come you don’t know that 400,000+ Chinesestudents are studying /living in America and each year they will spend about 30billion US Dollars in America ? There is no any other single country that cancontribute so much to America economy and education. Imagine how many teacherswill lose their jobs if those Chinese students are not here?
Do you know that there are about 2million Chinese visitors each year coming to the US? You don’t see all majortourist sites and stores in the US have signs in Chinese language? Each Chinesetourist would spend $6,000-$7,000 in America, imagine how many jobs have beencreated by that. You don’t do any shopping and see how many goods are importedfrom China?
Do you know that China will purchaseabout 7,000 Boeing aircraft in next 20 years (China has already boughtthousands of Boeing planes), is there any other country that contributes somuch to America’s economies? But the trade war will be a nightmare for Boeing,China will buy more from Airbus now for sure.
Do you know that besides America andRussia, China is also able to send astronauts to space and has the ability tobuild a permanent space station? China is the first country that can land aprobe to the “dark side’ of the moon.
Wonder if you know that the railroad andnew trains in Africa built by Chinese are even better than rail / trains inAmerica? And LA, Boston, NYC all have ordered subway trains made in China andthe first group of newly China built trains have been in operation in Bostonsubway. By the way , high speed train system is all over China with a speed of350 km/ hour while here in the USA we don’t have any of it, even in the richeststate California we don’t have funds to build one.
Do you know that China is the biggestoversea market for three major US automakers ? In 2017, Buick sold 1,229,804cars in China, Ford sold 951,396 and Chevrolet sold 538,671. Is that the dreamof any automaker in the world?
maybe you don’t know that China 2017 Boxoffice : Hollywood movies grab 3.26 billions US dollars ? Is there any biggeroversea market for Hollywood ? Nope.
Do you know Chinese have bought manyAmerican icon businesses including :
Forbes Manazine , Chicago Stock Exchange,AMC (2.6 billions), Smith Foods ( 7.1 b), Legendary movie studio (3.5 b), GEAppliance division ( 5.4 b), The Waldorf-Astoia (2 b), Ingram Micro ( 6 b),Motorola (2.9 b), Ritz-Carlton (3.9b).
If you are an American, you don’t knowthat the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt is China, which ownsmore than $1.24 trillion? Without borrowed money from China, US government willbe closed.
Do you know that without China’s vote, UNcould not pass sanctions against N. Korea?
Obviously people don’t know these factsbecause they don’t get any positive news from the American media no matter themedia of the left or right, CNN or FOX, American and any WEST media don’t liketo tell people the truth about China , they only fed you negatives about China.

Larry Park 前国际贸易者
如果你不是生活在一个非常偏远和孤立的地方的美国人,你怎么会不知道有40多万中国学生在美国学习/生活并且每年将在美国花费大约300亿美元这事儿呢? 没有任何一个国家能对美国的经济和教育做出如此大的贡献。想象一下,如果这些中国学生不在这里,有多少老师会失业?

你知道每年大约有200万中国游客来美国吗?你没看到美国所有的主要旅游景点和商店都有中文标志吗? 每个中国游客在美国的消费为6000到7000美元,想象一下这创造了多少就业机会。另外看看有多少商品是从中国进口的?


Thiago Francisco
Jan 20, 2018 · 84upvotes
Brazilian here. I know Bruce Lee, Jet Li,Ang Lee, Chow Yun Fat, Bolo Yeung, Jackie Chan, Jack Ma, Jiang Kai Shek, JiangZemin,, Li Keqiang, Hu Jintao, Mao Tse Tung, Kung Fu Zi, ChenZhizhao, Xiao Mi, Huawey, Alibaba, WeChat, Lenovo, ZTE, Tencent, Baidu,Foxconn, CCTV, Xinhua, Chengdu J-10 and Dongfeng Missile. That’s all I knowfrom China.
Yes, I wish we could know more from China other than Made in China.

我知道李小龙,李连杰,李安,周润发,杨紫琼,成龙,马云,蒋介石,中国历来重要领导人,Kung Fu Zi,ChenZhizhao(译者不认识),小米,华为,阿里巴巴,微信,联想,中兴,腾讯,百度,富士康,中央电视台,新华社,成都j - 10和东风导弹。这是我关于中国所知道的一切。

Lucas Ponzo
Jun 25, 2018 · 16upvotes including Larry Park
Nice list, I would add the legendary SunTzu, author of The Art of War, wich influences so many people even in presentdays.


Will Whalen
Mar 27 · 2upvotes
Extremely important man in militaryhistory and strategy, his writing is studied at western military academies aswell as in the East.


Fabian Mok
Jan 30, 2018 · 17upvotes including Thiago Francisco
Michelle Yeoh is Malaysian for Christsakes…


Thiago Francisco
Jan 31, 2018 · 8upvotes
Thanks for correcting me!


Al Allington
Jul 3, 2018 · 5upvotes including Larry Park
Very true.
But we have a Chinese restaurant in everytown/city over 3,000 people and that’s culture influence!
BTW: I live in China part time andembarrassed to say, I know very little mandarin but celebrate three majorChinese holidays in China, nearly every year. New Year/Spring Festival, MidAutumn Festival and National Day. I will be there for two of three in lateSeptember.


Ian Yu
Mar 31, 2018 · 23upvotes
Probably because the States have manyclosed minded people. I live in Toronto, where people definitely see Chineseinfluence. Most people I know would at least know a word or two, includingbeggers on street who said 謝謝 ( thank you) to me.
My condo has a teb year old kid fromBelgium, blonde hair blue eyes and speak Chinese with perfect accent.
Many people use chopsticks better than Ido. They also know why we don't leave chopsticks forked on rice. They alsotaught me the difference of chopsticks between Japan, Korea, and China. Hell,older generation still know Chiang Kai Shek and talk about the history at thetime.
Point is, you can't blame someone'signorance on yourself.



Pablo Djankowicz Ruizinowitz, Have livedin China and am interested in its history
Answered Sep 25, 2016
This is China’s powerful influence in your life—the “Made in China” labelis probably on 90% of the things you own in your home. That means that thoseproducts were actually constructed and then assembled in China. And if it says“Made in Japan,” “Made in Taiwan,” “Made in Korea,” or “Made in Germany,” youcan bet that 50% to 90% of the components inside these machines, like cars,have been made in China but assembled in the aforementioned countries.
Inflation has been very low in the U.S. over the past 20 years, which ismostly because products made in China are way cheaper, which keeps prices formost goods down, leading to lower inflation. Lower inflation means that you canexpect your savings to hold their purchasing power for longer, and it has abunch of other positive knock-on effects in the U.S. economy, which youindirectly benefit from. That’s China’s power in your pocketbook.
Treasury bonds—what the U.S. federal government issues out to the marketsto keep the government paid and working—are mostly bought by the Chinese now.That means that the U.S. government is borrowing from Chinese savers to fund alot of what the government does, including Medicare, Social Security, andmilitary spending (the three biggest government programs that swallow up themost tax dollars). People, specially old people, in the U.S. have gottenspoiled—they want lower taxes, but they don’t want the U.S. government to lowerexpenditures on Medicare, Social Security and the military to make up for thoselower taxes. The U.S. government has to somehow make this work, so it goes toChina to ask for money, and the Chinese are more than willing to give thatmoney. So you enjoy lower taxes because of China.
Then we can’t forget about food—as an American, you’ve probably eatenChinese takeout food at least once this past month. So that’s China’s culinaryinfluence in your life.
And we’re just talking about the influence of modern China here. AncientChina’s influence on your life is even more basic, pervasive and crucial, sinceall the following life necessities you definitely use every day came fromChina:
modern paper
paper cups and paper napkins
toilet paper (so going to the bathroom in comfort every day, which meansyou don’t have to use leaves, or a cloth that you wash (the preferred Europeanmethod before they decided to go Chinese with their bums), or a smooth longstick (the preferred Japanese method, which is confusing because I don’t evenknow how that physically works), or your hand…ugh…)
toothbrushes (Europeans never bothered to brush or they just gargled withwater and used twigs to brush, while the Romans used their fingers or twigswith urine to clean their teeth…ughhhhhhh…)
printed books and pamphlets
paper money
restaurant menus
playing cards
paper envelopes
wrapping paper
the predecessor to all the clocks in your life
the predecessors to all the entrance examinations you will take in yourlife, like the SAT and the ACT
porcelain (which is practically in all the plates you now use)
silk (which is in some of the clothes you own)
gunpowder (like in fireworks, for example)
the predecessors of the compasses on your smartphone or GPS
steel (which is practically in all the machines you own)
fishing reels
—using natural gas as a fuel (like in your stove or water heater in yourhouse)
—cast iron





Seth Oteng, Lived in China for 6 years
Answered May 24
Yeah you will not see the Chinese influence because you read the biasedwestern media news. Your American media keeps casting China in a negative lightand ignoring China’s achievements in your everyday live.
Here’re ways Chinese influence you. Lets exam
China directly affects the U.S. dollar by loosely pegging the valueof its currency, the yuan, to the dollar. You don’t use the dollar?
U.S. manufacturing jobs have beendisappearing for years. Didn’t you hear Foxconn is employing 803,126 employees?
Just walk into any section of a Wal-Mart. China manufactures about80% of all items sold in the U.S. You never use MADE IN CHINA item?



Nat Finney, Some kind of Chemistry/PharmacyProfessor (1997-present)
Answered Feb 10, 2018
I am an American who has lived in China forthree years. (And very much like living here.) My opinion is not as factual,and surely not as broadly informed, as many of the others so well-expressedhere.
But something I notice, from the inside,is that China usually plays “the long game.” They are bellicose when they seeit serving their immediate interests. But they see little advantage inAmerican- or Russian-style braggadocio. They are more likely to exert theirinfluence quietly and economically.
As ne example, China has investedheavily in the economy of Africa. All of the major universities I have visitedin China have a noticeable and growing number of African students. Many of themare here to study Chinese. To advance their economic opportunities - back inAfrica, where so much of the investment comes from China. (And they’reincredibly excited by this.)
China has made quiet, welcome inroadsthere, a part of the world that has largely been ignored by Western countries.They are happy without international acknowledgment, much of the time. Theyhave a plan, they have a policy, and the money to invest in them.
I do not pretend to know what thelong-term plan is. But I don’t think it involves showing off to othercountries. (Beyond what is necessary to be taken seriously at a high levelinternationally.)
An amusing final note: If Chinese popculture was embraced by American youth the way American pop culture is embracedby Chinese youth? You would be seeing Chinese characters on >50% of theclothing young people wear.
(My apologies for the extent to which myresponse overlaps with others. But I hoped that a personal perspective mightuseful.)

Nat Finney, 化学/药学教授 (1997至今)




Benson Liu
Answered Oct 18, 2017
Interesting question. Here is a perspectivefrom a native Chinese, who has been living in USA for 2 years.
I personally assume that, when people aretalking about “influence I feel”, they are actually talking about “businesswith me”.
For example, here are the Top 5 on theFortune Global 500 in 2017:
State Grid(China)
SinopecGroup (China)
ChinaNational Petroleum (China)
Toyota Motor(Japan)
3 out of 5 are Chinese companies.
You surely know Walmart, because you buystuff there. You know Toyota, because you, or someone you know, owns a Toyota.You know them because they do business with you directly.
You don't know much about State Grid,because you don't need electricity from China. You don't need petroleum from agas station in China either, so you don't know Sinopec or National Petroleum.You just have no business with them.
Probably you are not familiar with those3 companies because they are focusing on domestic business. As for companiesinvolved in globalization, however, same thing is happening- they do not havebusiness with you.
Consider iPhone. You know Apple Inc. Butmaybe you don't know that all iPhones are manufactured by 18 global OEMcompanies, and 14 of them are from China. They do business with Apple Inc, butnot with you.
Then I would like to make a comparisonwith Japan because they are both East Asian countries, while Japan is moreglobally well-known than China.
First, everything about industry.
Japan has lots of companies with“well-known Big names”, like Toyota, Sony, or Mitsubishi, while China has none.I think the main reason is that Japan gradually industrialized, starting duringthe Meiji Restoration in 1868. In the 1940’s, Japan almost finished itsindustrialization and was able to wage war against the USA. But China startedits industrialization no sooner than 1949 (before 1949, most of industrialproducts like cars or radios were imported). If you take the political chaosduring the 1960’s to 1970’s into consideration, China actually only gotstarted in 1980’s. You can see Japan is over 100 years ahead of China.China was weak at the industry level in the beginning. I mean very, very weak,not able to do anything more than providing a labor force. But Japan has muchmore experience in industry/production to rely on, so re-establishing globalindustrial enterprises after WWII was no big challenge for Japanese.
Then, everything about culture.