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Chinese scientists develop new type of brain-inspired chip


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Meanwhile in Amerikkka mass shootings on a regular basis with citizens running for their lives all day everyday


Ryan Ho
I can see an explosion of totally unheard of innovations from China soon.


Anupam Hongba
Well done China. thank China for bring the future to today's.


paul Ze
I would rather ride my bicycle than take it out for a walk........


Des Chan
Looks great for layman, in the science technology world this is not new.


Pasha Van
@Des Chan haha, you again. Can't hide your low IQ? Layman? This is published in the Nature magazine.

哈哈,又是你。 无法掩饰你的低智商? 门外汉? 这篇文章发表在《自然》杂志上。

anthony wong
Imagine 75 or 80 year old's loving to cycle without any fear. I would like to own one when I'm a bit wobbly on my bicycle. Wheelchair would also make sense. Who knows into what else they will incorporate this chip.

上想象一下75岁或80岁的人没有任何恐惧的骑自行车。 当到了我骑自行车有点摇摇晃晃的时候,我想拥有一辆。 用到轮椅也是有意义的。 谁知道他们还会把这个芯片整合到其他什么东西里。

Ragingwire High
The bike is not important but the technology behind is more important This technology can be applied to wide range of application See using learning method take too long and painstaking programming But neural technology lessen the burden of teaching and programming


14K Triad
Same tech as the Smart Luggage that follows the owner at the airport... China stealing tech again.

跟在机场跟随主人的智能行李一样的技术... ... 中国又在偷技术了。

Cool Cool
The bicycle needs to be balanced and the suitcase does not need


akoua fray
Trump will say this is stolen from the US. Bravo to the developers .

特朗普会说这是从美国偷来的。 为开发者喝彩

David Lee
Wow, imagine what more can come out from this invention. Go China!

哇,想象一下这项发明还能带来什么。 中国加油

C. Lincoln
Stolen technology from the slums of Mumbai.


OMG! Very inspiring! Go china


Shantanu Pant
What a technology! China is unstoppable now.


Islam Zindabad
Wow! China is the future and the best

哇! 中国是未来,也是最好的

johnny fong
Trump: fake news

特朗普: 假新闻

wie wen
Oh Trump.. You lose again. China no need more your garbage chip.

哦,特朗普, 你又输了。 中国不再需要你的垃圾芯片了。

Sarina Freeman
受大脑启发的,太誇張,, 說起來沒示範轉彎..轉彎才能..加2個輔助輪吧

Bin Zhu
Angelus Marcarita inventing a computer that can perform 1+1=2 operation is also pointless? This is an achievement highly appraised by world top AI scientists according to major world media. Get some knowledge before you comment! Angelus Marcarita

发明一台可以执行1 + 12操作的电脑也是毫无意义的吗? 据世界主要媒体报道,这一成就受到了世界顶级人工智能科学家的高度评价。 在你发表评论之前先了解一些知识

anthony wong
Right now I'm riding pretty fine at my age. I'd love to own this bike the day when I'm a bit wobbly on it. My father who is 80 would love to have one.

现在我这把年纪骑得还不错, 当我骑自行车有点摇摇晃晃的时候,我真想拥有这种自行车。 我80岁的父亲想要一辆。

IDIOT, there's a REASON why you ain't rich or a scientists or engineer or anything important.... common sense states that these EXPERIMENTS............ i repeat EXPERIMENTS gives new opportunities and opens up new IDEAS, i repeat NEW IDEAS for many things related to their a.i technology and innovation. science is about one thing leading to the next thing, and sometimes you lead to something whole brand spanking new and create entirely new industries or revolution.


voice control, voice/language recogmotor controls, obxt avoidance, optical or infrared tracking, energy efficiency monitoring, nition, self balancing technology, velocity measurement and monitoring, battery management, last but not least the a.i independant algorithms to DO ALL OF THESE, learn from it, find more efficiency through self monitoring, and give data output to the researchers to create better systems.... you improve these things, you can transfer these techno innovation into robots, cars, military, etc...

语音控制、语音 / 语言识别、自动平衡技术、速度监测、电动机控制,物体回避,光学或红外线跟踪,能源效率监测,电池管理,最后但并非最不重要的AI独立算法,来完成所有这些,从中学习,通过自我检测,找到更高的效率,并将数据输出给研究人员,以创造更好的系统。你改进这些东西,你可以把这些技术创新用到机器人,汽车,军事上等等。

Copied from Google ...most shameless people


F*cktard Indian... copy from where, you bastard!

该死的印度人... 从哪里抄的,你这个混蛋

Ben Louis
SENATOR AGRAPA ai is quite difficult to patent, nevertheless anyone can patent Talk about copy, I guess I have to quote one of the world's best ceo "good artists copy, great artists steal."


Even kids can make these things? LOl. yeah, Chinese kids that is, not definitely not western kids

即使是小孩也能做这些东西? 哈哈。 是的,中国的小孩,不一定是西方的孩子。

Narisu Bai
yes and please tell the stupid Nature magazine as well, since this has been published on Nature recently