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Patrick Koh Quora 2019年最新回答合集(一)

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Some Chinese zodiac animals are used as insults in English, like Snake, Pig, Sheep, and Rat. Is it less insulting to be compared to animals in China?


Not insulting if used in proper Zodiac context. Chinese Zodiac has a huge impact on Chinese culture far more than Western astrology/ zodiacs. It permeates many aspects of life far deeper than the ideas coming from the Romans/Greeks.


Often foreigners belittle the Chinese over this “strange” custom. If you seriously want to appreciate how East Asians feel about the Zodiac, then read the story below. I feel you must READ this if you are Chinese.


On one occasion, a group of Chinese representatives participated in the reception of a delegation composed of European aristocrats.


However, all those Chinese guests did not say anything at first, perhaps they were unable to respond.


Then one of the Chinese stood up and said in a peaceful tone, "Yes, the ancestors of the Chinese people are down to earth in choosing common animals, and our 12 zodiac animals are paired in duality, reflecting the six realms of reincarnation, and is a reflection of our ancestors' expectations and demands on us."


At this time, the atmosphere slowly settled down, but some of the nobles looked arrogant & indifferent.


The Chinese man then said:


"The first pairing comprises rats and cattle. Mice represents wisdom and cattle, hard work. Wisdom and hard work must be coupled together. With wisdom alone, and absence of hard work, it becomes valueless wit; and hard work solely, without the use of the brains, denotes a simpleton. The two strengths must be combined. This is the ancestor's expectations and requirements on the first and the most important group."


"The second group is tigers and rabbits. The tiger represents bravery, while the rabbit manifests caution. Courage and prudence must be coupled together to be bold and cautious. Being brave alone without caution, one becomes reckless; without courage, one becomes timid. This group is also very important"

“第二组是老虎和兔子。老虎代表勇敢,而兔子则表现出谨慎。勇敢和谨慎必须结合在一起,才能大胆而谨慎。独自勇敢而不谨慎,就会变得鲁莽;没有勇气,就会变得胆怯。 这个群体也很重要。”

... so the Chinese guest look at these aristocrats, smiled politely and remarked: "When we Chinese people show restraint, please do not think that the Chinese people are not courageous."


Seeing that everyone was in deep thought, the Chinese continue:


"Finally, dogs and pigs. Dogs represent fierce loyalty, pigs represent the easy-going nature. If a person is too loyal, and does not know how to be easy-going, the tendency would be to exclude others. In turn, a person who is too easy-going, has no loyalty, and this person will lose his principles & ideals. Whether it is a nation's loyalty, or loyalty to their ideals, both ideas must be closely combined, so it is easy to keep the balance of the heart."


"In the end, I would like to know the significance and qualities behind your constellations of Aquarius, Sagittarius, Capricorn and other stars, and how do these reflect the hope and expectations of your ancestors on you," the Chinese diplomat asked.


These European nobles, for a long time, did not speak, ...the audience remained silent.


Reading this is the first time that I have understood the meaning of the Chinese zodiac as well.


The young man who spoke then was Mr. Zhou Enlai, the former Chinese premier.


When I read this, I was so happy, I was born the last days the RAT year, and therefore should have both attributes of the Rat and the Bull, the first and the most important group LOL : )


The Chinese zodiac is a classification scheme that assigns an animal and its reputed attributes to each year in a repeating 12-year cycle. The 12-year cycle is an approximation to the 11.85-year orbital period of Jupiter, the largest planet of the Solar System. It and its variations remain popular in many Asian countries including China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Bhutan, and Thailand. (So it is not just China). Paired with the Celestial Stems (天干—Tiān gān), there is a 60-year calendrical cycle, which is popular with Chinese which is consulted for fortune, any important activities and decisions.



Does Japan intimidate China?


Yes, almost whole sale import thousands of years ago, but they adapted, refined, then undergo westernisation, and no longer imitate China in any thing, Japan has evolved its unique rich culture.


Most daily things were borrowed - lunar calendar, noodles (ramen), steel, swords, porcelein, chopsticks, silk, cotton, lacquer, Koi fish, Bansai, fans, umbrellas, musical instruments, cosmetics, rice etc, etc, etc …

大多数日常用品都是引进的——农历、面条(拉面)、钢铁、刀剑、门窗、筷子、丝绸、棉花、漆器、锦鲤鱼、半赛、扇子、伞、乐器、化妆品、大米 等等...

Almost all culture, art form, music, etc, generally evolve from Chinese equivalents, except for their unique folk customs and folk religion.


Typically Japanese, they took Chinese stuff and refined a few things or ’japanized’ them and became extremely good at several art and cultural forms. eg. their gardens, koi, kimono, lacquer, samurai swords, etc. But really similar types of clothings were worn by various kingdoms throughout China. Elaborate tea ceremony was elitist in China, but the Japanese further accentuate or eliticise.


Drama: Noh is a borrowing from Middle Chinese nong 能 , and means "skill", "craft", or "talent". Noh and kyōgen "originated in the 8th century when sangaku (散楽) was transmitted from China to Japan.


Japanese were so good, you can call it ultra refinement or exaggeration, eg. Kimono was an exaggerated form of Chinese clothing popular in the early dynasties of China, amount of cosmetics on women faces, ultra zen form of gardens, etc.


I cannot think of much things significant that is indigenous, maybe the Japanese can tell me. Perhaps Shintoism, wasabi, their kabuki, samurai culture, etc. Sushi and seaweed were certainly eaten by coastal Chinese and Koreans, but again not refined to the fantastic way Japanese makes it into awesome (yet simple) cuisine.



Is China going to challenge US hegemony all around the world?


So many LONG excellent answers.


So I keep short, NO. Hegemony is not in her DNA.


China will leave all hegemony to US as long as US dont threaten it directly.


China will concentrate on development, trade and the silk road. For the next 3 decades all China wants is security of its space and a rightful position. Focus is to make its country strong, independent and secure, and its people richer and happier.



Is China an aggressive country?




But as long as it is within the territory of the Qing empire, a rejuvenated China will not give out an inch any more.



What would happen if all other nations refused to do business with China?


Whoever asks or thinks this dont understand economics at all.


Why would the other nations even want to do that???


They gain from trade with China, else they wont trade. So all countries need and want to trade with China.


China did not become the biggest trading nation by chance or countries are naive or others are so nice to it or China force them to .


Name one that dont want to trade with China?


Just one. Even Japan, S Korea, Australia, etc, desperately needs China market. So is the whole of S America, and entire Africa needs China.


Despite complaining, threatening and screaming, USA still buys tons from China. WHY??


Did China have to force it to trade or buy for 4 decades??? common sense says it all. When tariffs were threatened, imports from China actually increase as American enterprises rushed to buy, and the deficit increased to a record in 2018 !!!! Does that tell you something?


In business and trade, Money chase money else one is not called a businessman, just an idealistic simpleton.


U.S. Trade Gap Widens as China Tensions Simmer


The US trade deficit is now bigger than it's been in 10 years



Have you ever considered 'drive across China' for your bucket list? Did you do it?


YES, when I get my China license.


My must do for 2019.


Language and Culture - amazing

语言与文化 -- 令人惊叹

The current Growth Economics


Biggest GDP (PPP) 2015


And some others like:


Speed and scale of Urbanisaton (lifting up the poor)


The BRI - #1 Project of Century – Belt Road Initiative (5-8 trillion USD)


Biggest foreign reserves


The Misc - Lifting up 800 million out of poverty is one of the greatest!!


Biggest manufacturing nation


Biggest trading nation


And other moments like:


First nuclear test (guarantee survival)


Best Olympics - Beijing/ Most medals


First Chinese in Space


First to grow cotton on the dark side of the moon


#1 E-Retail (surpass USA 2017)


#1 Retail (surpass USA 2018)


#1 Tall buildings (60% of world)


#1 Cement (57% of world, used more cement in 3 years exceeds what US used in a century)


#1 Cars Sales & #1 Cars production


#1 Most cashless


#1 Most cities -622 (156 above 1 million vs 10 in USA)


#1 High Speed Rail – 60% of world (30,000 km by 2020)


#1 Most books published (surpass USA)



Is it time for Chinese Americans to leave America?


Well at the national level, USA has done it before.


For the individual,that is up to each. USA believes in personal choice.



Does China respect minority right?


A lot.


The Constitution of the People's Republic of China stipulates: ''All ethnic groups in the People's Republic of China are equal. The state protects the lawful rights and interests of the ethnic minorities and upholds and develops a relationship of equality, unity and mutual assistance among all of China's ethnic groups. Discrimination against and oppression of any ethnic group are prohibited.'' Citizens of all ethnic groups in China enjoy all equal rights accorded to citizens by the Constitution and law.


Go visit and see for yourself. I did.


There is even a huge museum for the minority in most provincial capitals. What struck me is that the local language is put above Chinese in most buildings I saw which showed the thoughtfulness to the minority.


What struck me is that most parents of mixed marriages between Han and minority will put kid as minority. Why? because they get special privileges. They have better rights than the Han majority.


There are a few quora replies already on this. Go read.


In some provinces, the language of the minority it put on govt and important buildings. Their rights are protected, including festivals. For instance, China will not ban dog eating festival because this is a more common festival of some minority tribes. Tribes put on their best costumes for annual gatherings, and they are always invited to Beijing for govt events.


There are many editions of stamps for all races. I have met Mongols, Hui, Dong, Yao and Zhuang, perhaps more.


I lived long enough in China to see them co-exist very well. I dont even detect any discrimination. When I asked the young if they would marry a minority and vice versa. Their reply is it does not matter, they mix in the same schools and inter-marry easily.

我在中国生活了足够长的时间,看到他们很好地共存。我甚至没有察觉到任何歧视。当我问年轻人是否愿意和少数族裔结婚,反之亦然。 他们的回答是没关系,他们在同一所学校生活,很容易通婚。

But when I stayed in USA for years, I see and read enough about the Red Indians, Mexicans, Blacks, Yellows, etc. I stayed in Australia too for a year, and I don’t see the aborigines as being happy - mostly drunk, dispossessed and totally lost, in their homeland.



Which Chinese values do you think would make the world a better a place if more people adopted them?


China is a favourite bashing boy for the West


For a while now. So many loves to condemn China even though they have hardly seen the real China but believe everything they read because they themselves want to conceptualise a bad China for their own reasons whether American, Australian, EU, Viet or Indian. A country is greater for its perpetual values than its transient richness.


I don’t subscribe to China exporting values to others, so this is sharing what I think is amazing about China but adoption is a different matter. But some things surely are quite fundamental but sadly missing from many places I have been to places where societal values is lacking and the value of life is so cheap it is crazy. There are places all one needs is 10 USD to ask a boy to kill, or father asking own children to take turns to jump in front of a car.


China do have good old principles and values and I will quote a few first:


Tolerance for other cultures - Of all powers, China (like India) for thousands of years is the least evangelist in system, ideology, culture, religion or language. It accepts diversity and never seen to force others to adopt, far less than the West and others. Can the West do that?


Government - citizens relationship - a harmonious society based on Confucianism where those in power must serve people as the core of an advanced graceful society. Including loyalty to state. In some sense like the early Greek society the West so admires.


Green and nature - Taoist influence. Hence villages, towns and cities are far greener than most countries I have been to. Ancient parks are preserved. Old towns are well maintained because the people love their old towns as their home. I saw streams, paths, ponds in old villages, and am amazed they are so nice and clean. It is their Homes after all.


Obedience of law. Of course, China has tons of laws, all written since paper was invented. But most in West wants to believe China is not ruled by law just because they see only the bad press. With this, a stable good society must come first.


Philanthropy - enshrined in their culture, the rich has to support the poor in society. So, 10,000 entities are now entrusted to help lift the remaining 43 million poor in China by 2020. (of coincidence, there are still 40 million poor in USA as reported).


A genuine love and care for all Chinese anywhere in the world. When China was weak, she could only cry when her kind were bullied or massacred overseas (Indonesia, America, Australia, Europe, etc). China says it will protect them now.


China knows one cannot be perfect. She avoids demonising, criticising and condemning anyone different, or poorer or less fortunate or more backwards. She is far politer and less judgmental than the blatant and oft hypocritical West in interfering in others believing they are superior. So, Africa can respect Chinese more than lofty whites.

中国知道一个人不可能是完美的。 她避免妖魔化、批评和谴责任何不同的人,或更贫穷、更不幸或更落后的人。在干涉别人相信自己高人一等方面,她远比明目张胆、常常虚伪的西方更有礼貌、更少批判。因此,非洲比高贵的白人更尊重中国人。

Belief in her strength, history and culture, and therefore is indomitable and can wait with patience to rejuvenate. She doesn’t beat her chest and blame her troubles on others for her suffering, misfortunes, mistreatment, and unfairness. She grits her teeth, moves on, perseveres with intense purpose to build a better tomorrow for her people without crying for pity or for help. She now has a collective China Dream to be a truly modern, rich and advanced nation.


And hereby wishing all in Quora a HAPPY CNY for 2019, the Pig Year.



Why is China so jealous of Vietnam's women?


This is one very ‘jealous’ Troll question, and far from the truth, even though beauty is always subjective and a cultural or personal preference.


why waste time?


but I know of friends who found fantastic Viet wives who are traditional (treats & respects hubby well, wash his feet, cutest mixed kids, but lesser nowadays as Viets modernise. but a tip of caution - so sweet but once married, some have lost a lot after divorce, including properties in Vietnam in their names).


Vietnamese girls can be pretty so are many minority tribes, and so are far more Chinese…


Due to their new wealth, the taller Chinese can definitely afford to dress more fashionable than their sisters in Vietnam. And all girls can be real jealous about nice clothes.



Is China close to becoming the dominant world power? Do the Chinese feel like they are the most powerful nation?


Perhaps Most influential economically , YES, because of the positive impact China has on world GDP and world trade everywhere in all continents. Surveys, world bank, WEF, research agencies, academics, economists, etc, say so.


Rising in dominance, yes, but not the dominant world power - NO. China dont have that military, political and soft power yet, but it is rising.


Chinese feeling?


No, most dont think they are anywhere close to being the most powerful.


Some dont think it is important to be number 1. Chinese still know USA is number 1, and will be so for a long time. A few are proud and chauvinistic of a modern China being very rich and powerful, but most are more realistic and sensible to know China has a long rocky road ahead still.

有些人认为成为第一名并不重要。 中国人仍然知道美国是世界第一,而且在很长一段时间内都会是第一。少数人自豪地认为,现代中国非常富有和强大,但大多数人更现实和明智地认识到,中国还有一段漫长的崎岖道路要走。

Even if China were to surpass USA in GDP nominal by about 2030, it is still not rich enough as its GDP per capita lags far behind many many nations, and far far from USA, Japan or EU. China per capita may not even catch up for another half century.


However its influence due to its huge size, market, consumption, energy and resource needs, GDP, trade and econs, Yes, but only as a strong influential power. However this man like Napoleon thinks China is quite special.


Right now or even 2030, it is not the greatest nor the most powerful. But 2050??? China could have a very major impact on the world more than USA.


Every country goes through bad phases, especially for one with such a long history and huge complex territory with so many challenges, notably the constant challenge to feed 1.4 billion.


China must remember its century of humiliation, know its mistakes and weaknesses, who are the enemies, and not allow this to happen again.


China knows what can happens why a country is unstable, disunited, weak and who will come to take advantages under all guises. Today I can feel that the Chinese are indeed proud, confident and motivated.


Recently, as Xi said, “No one can tell China what it can or cannot do”. His China dream for all Chinese people amongst other things is to ensure a strong China achieving 2 Centenary goals:


2021 - A moderately well-off society” / 小康社会 (with no poverty)


2049 - “A fully developed nation”/ 完全发达的国家


A FIRST WORLD COUNTRY / 第一世界国家 - China is propelling itself to become strong modern and rich state, with a momentum to be top in GDP and a powerful influential nation.


And who would have thought China dare even to try this Project of the Century?


Anyone can fall, it is how you pick yourself up that is far more important.


Looking at human history, those that have failed to stand up are lost in the history of time, or becomes a pale shadow of its past greatness.


China? Well, the 5000 year old Dragon did not just stand up, it soared higher.



If China and the USA shoot their entire nuclear arsenal at each other (hitting only mainland USA, and the more populated parts of China), how would this affect the rest of the world?


Easiest question. Will not happen because both are not that MAD.


China says it wont push first as a policy. US presidents are usually intelligent enough except for extreme recent exception.

中国表示不会首先推行这一政策。 除了最近的极端例外,美国总统通常都足够聪明。

Russia could be happy. But there isnt much left of the planet to be happy about. In fact, Man would be gone like the dinosaurs, except perhaps for some chinese on the lunar station with their silkworms and potatoes.



In 50 years, when Chinese GDP starts to grow at the same rate as the USA and their military spending is two to three times larger than the USA, will China have reached the critical mass, would invade all its neighbors?


Short answer is no.


War, invasions, and regime change are common vocab with the West. China has been speaking a different language for decades.


China is more interested in growth and trade, and taking care of its 1.4 billion. If it can, it would want to shape a different kind of world order based on mutual cooperation and progress, and not war and threats. Unlike USA, who is bent on dominating the world and has a whole host of allies, notably the Western countries, China does not have such intent or such a privilege. It does not make sense for China to have a whole hostile world against it. Exceptions and disputed are Taiwan and the South China Sea that China believes are rightfully hers.




In what scenarios are the US, China and Russia likely to form an alliance?


Against militant Aliens and big crazy monsters from pacific rim. Maybe if there is a critical ecological, climatic, geological or astronomical crisis (solar flare, meteor) that can destroy the world.


The most likely common threat is a super huge militarily powerful Isis like force that threatens the world. But I think that is not possible even because the top 3 has so much power and advantage that cannot be allowed to happen.



What is the one thing in the USA that China hasn't?


A president that many in USA and the whole world dont even believe could be a president in the world's most powerful nation.


But unbelievably it can happen.


In most countries all potential top leaders are screened, field-proven and well known to electorate. In China there is tremendous competition and rivalry to prove character, credibility and capability through at least 4 decades. So there is zero chance for a novice or unsuitable leader by default. The amount of responsibility is just too great.




Is China sentencing an innocent Canadian to death being viewed as an act of war?


Even Canada government and public knows he is guilty,


what act of war????


this is ridiculous.


Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc, etc, etc have been hanging drug traffickers for decades. And that PENALTY came from all the colonial masters.


In some countries especially Asia it is DEATH penalty, not just China.


China is very paranoiac about drugs, because of the horrid experience British Opium trade that destroyed millions.