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'People Don't Want To Be StupidTwice': Foreign Diplomats Betting On Trump Win In 2020


Following Donald Trump's upset victory in the 2016 US election,foreign diplomats who have spent over two years adjusting to Trumpiandiplomacy are now coming to grips with the following;


Trump's 2016 win wasnot a fluke, he has a good chance of winning again, and there's no'just riding it out' anymore.


"In 2016, nobody believed he was going tobe elected. People don’t want to be stupid twice," former FrenchAmbassador to the US,Gerard Araud, told Politico.


"The way it looks to people is it’s going to be anotherfour years," one Arab diplomat said, adding. "If he gets reelected, he’s bound by nothing, except Congress. AndI don’t know how that’s going to play out."


Moreover, candidateslike Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have spoken of similar 'fair'trade deals as Trump.
Politico's conclusion;" no foreign government should bank on getting a better shakepost-Trump."

此外,候选人如BernieSanders与Elizabeth Warren都曾表示,任何外国政府不应寄望于特朗普落败后的政策变更。

"He’s not anisolated phenomenon," said one European diplomat, adding "In hiscampaign and his presidency, he’s just responding to what the American publicfeels. The frustration he expresses, the grievances he responded to in hiscampaign are very often real."


That hasn’t stopped a few countries from sending signalsthat they’drather wait and see what happens.


China, for one, appears unlikely to strike atrade deal with the U.S. until after the 2020 election. Beijinghas been increasingly reluctant to make concessions as Trump has slapped asteady stream of tariffs on the country’s exports.


Iran’s Islamist regime, meanwhile, appearsunwilling to hold new nuclear negotiations with Trump, despitethe president’s repeated imposition of sanctions that have battered thecountry's economy. -Politico


Still, Trump touts his friendship with Kim, whom he says has sent him many“beautiful” letters, and has downplayed Kim’s recentshort-range missile tests. Trump has also scaled back U.S.-South Korean jointmilitary exercises, a gift to Kim.

不过,特朗普大吹特吹其与金正恩的友谊,说金正日给他寄了许多“漂亮”的信件,同时却贬低了朝鲜最近的短程导弹试验,并且还缩减了对金正恩的礼物 -- 即举行美韩联合军事演习。

The North Korean ruler may not get suchgenerous treatment from a Democratic president eager to distinguish himself orherself from Trump. -Politico


Brookings Institution foreign policy analyst Tom Wright notesthat aside from preparing psychologically for another Trump win, governments haven't taken concrete steps towards foreign policydirections ahead of 2020, a sign that they're still holding out fora Democratic win.

布鲁金斯学会外交政策分析师Tom Wrigh指出,除了在心理上为特朗普连任做准备外,对于外交政策的发展方向,各国政府尚未采取具体措施,这意味着他们还在坚持等待着民主党的胜利。

If Trump does winas now expected among Diplomatic ranks, allies such as France and German willhave to give some serious consideration to their military and economicpartnerships with the United States, and that if Trump wins, "futureDemocratic candidates will be more nationalistic," according toWright.

如果正与外交队伍所预期的那样 -- 特朗普获胜,法国和德国等盟国将不得不认真考虑一下他们与美国的军事经济伙伴关系了,如果特朗普获胜,“未来的民主党候选人将更为民族主义”

"It’s not Trump, it’s much wider than him," a seniorEU diplomat told Politico."It’s not anymore that we are the two allies fighting together againstthreats like terrorism. The way they look at us now is mainly as a marketto conquer against Chinese interests. It has become a bilateral strugglebetween them and the Chinese for who conquers Europe or Africa."


"What I’m saying right now is, I think, shared by manypeople," said a Middle Eastern diplomat of the 2020 election, adding"It’s his to lose."

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Trumptalks a good talk.
Tweetsa good tweet.
Butthat's it.
Sofar, Trump...
1.Failed with Iran
2.Failed with Russia
3.Failed with trade war
4.Failed with immigration
5.Kidnapped a Huawei executive
6.Stole an Iranian tanker
7.Stole a Venezuelan ship full of foods
8.Stole Jerusalem and the Golan Heights for the FAKEHEBREWS
9.Did not withdraw from Syria
10.Kept the Middle East on fire for APARTHEID Israhell
11. Faked Epstein’sdeath who’s now living comfortably in Apartheid Israhell
12.Faked it with N Korea
13.Destroyed American farmers & coal miners
14.Failed to abolish the Fed

12、伪造Jeffrey Epstein的死讯(据说在狱中上吊自杀身亡,此前他因涉嫌性侵拐卖未成年少女被捕),但此人现在正在种族隔离的以色列逍遥快活呢

Trump’s a One Term Germ, guaranteed. The majority ofAmericans see and feel what has happened to the moral backbone of America injust 2 1/2 years, and are absolutely mortified what 8 years of Trump’soozing poison would do to the hearts and minds of our children andgrandchildren, not to mention many adults. And they also know that whateverhe’s done for the economy is all past tense。

Thereality is the Fox poll. Trump is in trouble in all 50 states.
Womenhate trump and vote 26% in favor of any opponent. They make up 55% of theelectorate. The most accurate polling data from 2016 showed Voters hated bothcandidates. But males especially hated clintonmore than they hated trump. So the election was interesting. Biden does nothave big negatives. But Trump does. People who don't like Biden don't like hiswishy washy slippery behavior but they don't HATE his personality. Trump on theother hand is despised. Even Trump knows it.


Lookat Trump's words... "Even if you hate me, you have to vote for me or your401K will tank"... LOL. True words from Trump always a threat. but evenTrump acknowledges that people hate him.
The2018 polls were dead on the money. What was funny was listening to the Trumptards claiming there was no blue wave and a red wave would sweep in favor ofthe GOP. The reality is there was both a massive red wave and an even moremassive blue wave. A huge turnout always favors democrats.
Thisextion to dump Trump will have every democrat voting against trump. It willhave nothing to do with the economy. That old saw was invented in an era ofnonpolarization. Not this highly polarized electorate. Highly polarizedelectorates are about PERSONALITY.
Most2016 voters were voting against Hillary Clinton a toxic candidate in male eyes.But they were not voting FOR Trump. This is what the Fox analysis discovered.That Trump was actually disliked more than Clinton but the male voting block was enoughin the midwest to tilt the election in favor of Trump by less than 1%. Thatadvantage does not exist with Trump against anyone but Clinton. Trump has loston average of 20% in all swing state.
Trump'sapproval is now 41% and disapproval nearing 60%. The lowest in history. Trumpis despised. Americans don't like assholes. Trump is a first order *******.

2016年选举中,大多数选民都投票反对希拉里,在男性眼中,希拉里仿佛身带剧毒一样,但是他们也没有给特朗普投票,这就是福克斯新闻分析后发现的。事实上,特朗普比希拉里更不受欢迎。但在中西部地区,男性选民的支持,足以让特朗普领先1%,但除了希拉里以外,特朗普 VS 任何人,他都没有这种优势。而在举棋不定的州,特朗普的投票率平均要少20%。

Thom paine
ChinaWILL do a trade deal with Trump if the believe Trump is the likely winner of2020
Theywill Not like the prospect of having to deal with a much more powerful Trumpwinner after 2020


Thom paine
Bidenmust have dementia, or has always been dopey stupid.
Theguy has a **** history and present.
Riddledwith corruption and racism, that the MSM are trying to ignore.
Peoplecomplained about Trump's speech in 2016.
Bidenstill hasn't read that the earth is not flat.


Awaiting game is ever more expensive for China because each month that passessees more supply chain re-routing away from them to other nations hostingmanufacturing.
Itwon't be coming back, either, since no foreign tech company wants to give up IPin exchange for something they can get elsewhere without paying that price.


Tick. Tock.
J 457
Dems had the past three years to groom someone to challengeTrump. Instead the placed 100% focus on Russia collusion and obstructingUSA from meaningful immigration and healthcare reform. Bernie is too farleft. Biden is as crooked as Hillary and when all the pay to playevidence is released (about his son Hunter) he is done. Harris and Warren areimbeciles. So, other than an impeachment or economic crash it's Trumpuntil 2024.

民主党在过去三年里,没有培养人才去挑战特朗普,却把100%的精力集中在勾结俄罗斯、阻碍美国进行有意义的移民和医疗改革方面。伯尼·桑德斯(2019年2月19日,伯尼·桑德斯宣布2020年将再次竞选美国总统)太左派了,而拜登与希拉里一样卑鄙,当所有的金钱交易勾当被曝光出来后(关于其自亨特),他就完蛋了。Harris 和 Warren就是俩低能儿。所以,除非特朗普被弹劾或者美国经济崩溃,直到2024年都会是特朗普的天下。