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Is it OK to use your phone while charging?


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Prajay Basu, Student & C# Developer. Feb 9. 学生,C#开发人员,2019.2.9更新

You can use your phone normally while its charging, just make sure:
·You are using a genuine charger (or one that is from a reputable brand).
·The phone doesn’t feel too hot to touch.
·You are not near any liquids.


Out of all of these voltages, only the mains voltage has enough energy to electrocute a person. Most chargers, however, are isolated from the mains power on the USB side and will not electrocute you, even if you have wet hands. Only poorly designed chargers will leak mains voltage. And this mains voltage is often the reason for the explosions too. The Note7 battery design had multiple faults, and it would still explode if the user was not using the phone while charging. This proves that the cause of the electrocutions and the explosions is due to a faulty charger (and sometimes faulty batteries) and not the phone itself.


If you feel any tingling sensation during charging, or if the touch screen registers false touches, then your charger is most likely not isolated well enough, and you should immediately dispose of the charger and buy a new one.


The last myth is that the battery is destroyed if you use it while charging, and usually the myth is never backed by a scientific fact, because there isn’t any. When you use your phone while charging, the phone charges the battery at a slower rate than normal, to allow enough power for the processor/screen. If anything, it increases the battery life by a very small amount because it is charging slowly and generating less heat inside the battery (that causes it to degrade).


It is true that using the phone while charging generates more heat, because of the added heat due to the conversion of 5–20V from the charger to 3.7–4.2V, on top of the heat generated from charging the battery and conversion of 3.7V-4.2V to 0.5–3.3V required by the processors, but the phones have multiple safeguards to prevent dangerous situations:

的确,充电时使用手机会产生更多的热量,这些额外的热量源于充电器将5-20V 电压转换为3.7-4.2 V电压的过程、给电池充电的过程以及将3.7-4.2V电压转换为处理器所需的0.5-3.3V电压的过程中。但是手机有多个保障措施,防止危险的情况发生:

Laraine Payson Answered Jun 1, 2018. 回答于2018.6.1
I recommend that you avoid using your phone while charging.




1) Heats up your phone


2) Now there's a specific time required for a battery to be fully charged, for example if its a 2000mAh battery then it'll need around 1 and a half hour to reach 100% if your not using it. If you are using it then it takes more time. Now if the battery is charged for a longer duration at 1 go then it begins to bulge or grow in size. Once the battery swells then you'll gave many problems.


3) I have experienced in some phones that if it is used for heavy games like asphalt then sometimes the battery even though is charging keeps on draining.


4) In some cases the battery explodes and can cause severe damage.


Amar, B. tech from Lovely Professional University- LPU (2018) upxed Aug 16, 2018. 印度拉夫里科技大学(LPU),2018年8月16日更新

3.Using off-brand chargers destroys batteries.
its fine to use phone until you are using branded charger. off-branded chargers are made up of cheap material (semiconductors) which are likely to cause risk of explosion. Moreover, some of them aren’t ISO 9000 certified.

在你使用品牌充电器之前,可能认为使用非品牌充电器充电时使用手机是可以的。非品牌充电器是由便宜的半导体材料组成的,这可能会导致爆炸的风险。此外,其中一些非品牌充电器没有通过ISO 9000认证。