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Well, there's been some heat about racist stereotypes on reddit recently, so Ibegan to wonder how whites were stereotyped in non-white cultures.


Edit: A lot of people seem to be answeringwith only Americans in mind. Please keep in mind us Europeans, and others too!

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(译注:根据人类学家Olga Ammann的研究,巴布亚新几内亚食人部落的经验是:白人的肉,味道太冲还挺咸,日本人的肉是最好吃的,比本族的女人还好吃)

2、I'm Jamaican and peoplegenerally think whites (tourists and non residents) are crazy risk taker's(have been known to do things like go to the beach during a hurricane) thatalways wear shorts and carry a huge backpack with everything they own in it atall times also they prefer to walk every where (all look like hikers) btw localwhites are not thought of like this


(译注:五月五日节(Cinco de Mayo)是墨西哥在1982年5月5日打败法国军队的纪念日,是墨西哥脱离欧洲统治的开始)


Young white people - privileged yetparadoxically hate their parents
Common to all white people - bad dancers
Edit for clarification: I live in the US.


5、straight up. watch anon caucasian movie (bollywood, middle east, african, cambodian, filipino) andwatch one with a fight scene in it against a white dude. everything isexaggerated. super proud and super angry and almost always racist.


(回复1)Most early Jackie Chan movies (the HK ones) have at least one tokenwhite guy henchman. Usually with a blond pony tail. They act ridiculous.However, that may not be racist as everyone in those movies act ridiculous.
It may even be the same white pony-tailmartial arts henchman actor in all his movies, I can't tell. They all looksame.


(回复2)To be fair, in Bollywood movies, EVERYTHING is exaggerated.


6、My Japanese friendssay all white people look alike.


7、White people can'tdance
White people drink like frat boys, just forthe purpose of getting wasted
White people have money
White people are racist to all other people


12、In India, whitepeople are seen as people who stick their noses in everything. Anotherstereotype is that white people don't take care of their parents (i.e. throwthem in nursing homes and completely forget about them). They are also seen asfat. I remember reading a textbook once when visiting and it literally said"Europeans are generally fatter, as the extra fat helps keep them warm inthe extremely cold weather"


13、I'd hope thateveryone imagines us like barney stinson.



14、In Hawaii, whitepeople are referred to as "ha'ole" which means "No soul" inHawai'ian. Their very presence is greatly resented by the local population,because of the history of the US government overthrowing their queen againsttheir will. Anyone white in Hawai'i is assumed to be a tourist, and alltourists are assumed to be complete morons. The sales people will smile and say"Aloha" to their face, and then make fun of them as they walk away.It is a joke that the Hawaiian state motto is, "Go home, but leave yourmoney." White people are seen as stupid, ignorant, greedy, andself-serving.



15、I hear most Asiansare terrified of red hair. Could I get a job on a Japanese gameshow justjumping out of random hiding spots and scaring the shit out of Japanese people?


16、In my time in Indiaand Pakistan, white people are generally stereotyped as having no values.


They just get drunk.
They are loud and obnoxious when drunk
They have no respect for parents and putthem in care homes.
They have casual sex


17、my girlfriends dadis brown, and he had a panic attack when a white kid came over to do a schoolproject unsupervised- "his parents will sue if anything happens!"


20、This was at least 80years ago. My great uncle served with the Turkish army. Once he was stationedin a Sudanese village where the children used to follow him around and make funof how pale he looked. Once an elderly man shooed the children away saying 'Ifyou tease the man you'll grow up to look like him' the children ran offscreaming into their houses.


21、In Kenya, therunning gag is that white people will drown if their glass is filled to high asour pointy noses are liable to submerge. You can honestly catch people watchingyou drink the first sips of a glass of water or something to see how you avoidfrom getting your nose wet. Cracks me up.


22、That white people,rich or poor, will always think they are better than you.


23、I'm white and livedin Hong Kong as a baby/small child. The neighborhood kids all called me 'gwylo'(basically the white equivalent of nigger, meaning 'white devil') - and theirparents all did as well...


24、In Mexico we find itodd that kids are out or kicked out of the house at 18. Putting their parentsin homes when they are too old to look after themselves is perceived asungrateful and selfish. Also they have an inflated sense of entitlement becausewe see all whites as rich. I was 13 when I came to this country and I assumedall white people were rich.


25、When I lived inChina, my roommate's dad (Chinese) said the reason white people are so white isbecause they eat so many potatoes.


Also in China the stereotype for white peopleis that they have big noses. In the books for the kids, the drawings of whitepeople had ridiculously large noses. For some I was the first white personthey'd ever met. I remember one time when a man met me, he studied my face andthen said with surprise: "Her nose isn't that big!"


26、Among many Arabs,some (unfortunate) stereotypes of White people are:


27、White person here,but with East Asian in-laws.
I asked them this same question a few yearsback. They said:


-You get divorced easily -You suck atmanaging your own money -You don't care for your parents when you get old -Youover-coddle your children
The day after we got married, my wife's momsat her down and said: "you need to be nice to awfulgrace, white men leavetheir wives if they yell too much. Don't treat him like I treat yourfather"


28、I grew up around anArab/Latino culture and we always stereotyped whites as having terrible foodwith no flavor, being unable to stand anything even the slightest bit spicy,and all together weird, awkward, and frigid.


29、In India white girlsare considered sluts who sleep around on the first date


30、British: bad teeth
French: smelly and with women who do notshave their armpits. Also, cowards
Russians: hard, cold, tough people, heavydrinkers
Aussies: fun
Swedes: good looking, lovely women
Germans: technical, efficient
Poles: heavy drinkers, dumb (is that stilltrue currently?)
Finns: sad
Irish: drinkers, think everyone loves themfor no good reason (deluded)
Americans: fat, lazy, loud, bad dresserswho love guns


34、I go to to a schoolthat is predominately South Asian and Oriental near Toronto. The students theregang up on the white kids (about 20 in the whole school) and criticizeeverything they do. They make racist jokes and the sort. Often they criticizeintelligence, and say that they can't even see us (white walls in the school)Of course, since in most of Canada they are the minority, they can get awaywith it and if we try to fight back we get in trouble for being racist. Wecan't do anything remotely like white culture for fear of getting in troublewith the school, while they can flaunt their religion/pride/etc however theywant. One of my friends wrapped his locker in Christmas wrapping paper near theholidays, and it was promptly ripped down, 3 seperate times. The kids who didthis were seen, and admitted to doing it. When my friend went to a teacher tocomplain, he
was told that he can't openly expect his paper to be shown becauseit was Christian, and he was told he couldn't put it up again. However, manystudents decorate their lockers with cultural and religious symbols, and if oneof those was ever tampered with, you can bet there would be punishment.
(Sorry about this, not so much an answer tothe question as a rant on how we have become so politically correct that whitepeople in Canada now have to accept racism against them)



35、In Brazil there isno stereotype against "whites" because everybody either is white orhas white relatives. Only racist people stereotype blacks.


But here's the deal: our "nationalrace" is a mix of native indians, sequestrated blacks, and immigrantPortuguese. Until mid 19th century, that's all we had. Then our rulers thought,"you know what? We're too black and that's not healthy. We better bringthose hungry, educated Europeans here. They work more and will improve ourrace." True story!


So, specially in early 20th century,european immigrants flooded Brazilian coastside. Specially Southern and Southregions. The descendants of these immigrants form the majority (almost all) ofthe upper middle class and the upper class.


These late-european-immigrants descendantsare rare in the lower classes in almost all regions, but the South. At South,Poles are almost as poor as blacks. But in general, if you have blue eyes, fairskin, "good hair" and a "pretty" (non afro) nose, you're arich boy.


So we have this great racial and culturalmix here, but to this day, 100 years after the great immigrations, you almostcan tell that someone's not poor because of their race.


39、The general opinionchanged depending on the neighborhood I lived in. poor/working class blackneighborhood: Privileged assholes out to get anyone and anything that isn'twhite.
Middle/working class black neighborhood:White people are clueless and have no idea what they're doing and it is amazingthat they even got hired in the first place. Dumbasses, all of them.


40、Generallyculture-less. Plain and boring. No flavor (food or otherwise).


41、As a white girl withblue eyes and big boobs, I kinda wanna go to Asia/Japan and see how I'mtreated.


42、TIL that everyethnic group thinks other people smell weird.


43、White people are abunch of fat people dipping food in ranch whilst looking for free WiFi.


They stop in the middle of the street andhave sex with strangers
Woman comes home from work and opens a canof tuna and puts it in front of the kids to eat (direct quote from my mom)