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How will Australia and others deal with the rise of China as a new superpower? | 7.30


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Australia will bend ova n take it like always look at it now


We must STOP cozying up to the USA and being their puppet, at the same time we need to stop selling off land to China.


The answer is - just dig up more shit out of the ground and sell it to them.


Establish a NATO in the Pacific with other countries such as Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, United States, etc. Together you will be stronger and capable of dealing with Chinese influence, economic power and military expansion/aggression. Not to mention the economic and national security benefits it brings to its members just by being able to support/protect each other.


Australia this makes me laugh! China will gangster slap Australia & our gutless politicians very very soon !


It's very simple. Physical War between powers with nukes will never happen. Their will be no Military invasion. Their will be plenty of economic and cyber war. America and Britain should give us our own nukes from their stockpiles.


America and other countries spent more than a decade fighting a never ending war in Iraq and Afghanistan. China was busy building a world empire...


Can we just blow up China and NK already


Technically if it wasnt for China, we would have experienced a recession during the GFC. Miraculously Australia remained unscathed whereas most of the west copped a battering. And here we are today following America's tune and putting our own personal interests aside to keep the American establishment happy... The sooner we become an independent nation, free from American interference the better we can move this nation forward.


Why would china wants to take the role of the USA ? They dont want that role. Australia needs friends in asia, it needs to work with not only china but the rest of the asian partners. Its bonkers to think china wants to invade australia. China cannot grow further with the west and they know that.


Australia needs to diversify and be more innovative to up the game. Can't have a large share of the economy be influenced by any single country.


china is military,economically and financially superpower ....maybe someday he may conquer the whole africa,asia and latin american and gradually the european nations by means of lending them huge amount of money so that later on... if this nations cannot payback their loan ...they can easily penerate their countries politically and economically and later militarily ...


australia should be friends with everyone but with a strong enough defense force to deter anyone from messing with us.


25 years in democracy and I learnt that debates gets you no where......
With debates, country still allow drugs, guns, not having health care, not having better schools.
Who believes drug is good for you? Who believes guns is good for human?.....
Who does not want better healthcare? Better schools? Don’t see it.
And everyone want more rights and no body want responsibility.
People want more freedom, less rules for officials, companies are less restricted, yet people expect more to be done by the government. I don’t see how that is going to work.
At least Chinese government is sane in this crazy world.


Well there's no friend and enemy forever in the game between countries. It's a good move for Australia to have a better relationship with China right now.


well, u can stop selling coal to china and kick out all the chinese students and immigrants, cut all relations, no contact, no bother !


I for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords.


Be smart, don't pick a side.
Whats the point of having the Australian Economy and livelihood swept up with in a conflict that is not geographically or politically close to us? Does it really matter which side 'wins' at the end? We are on good terms with USA as a western country and we had a lot of economic stimulus from China. US have a history of being friendly and China doesn't really impose its ideology abroad. We should sit out of this conflict like Switzerland, since we won't be able to materially influence the outcome either way.


Australia has nothing to worry about.
This is fake news.
It is a little strange.... all the rich Australians are moving to California.


china isn't rising. china is returning to its rightful place. do a search on world GDP for the past 2000 yrs. the west's dominance for the past two centuries was an anomaly. if Australia does not wish to deal with china, then stop trading with china, stop accepting Chinese students and tourists.


In the history, none of the country can have their economic boom without robbing wealth from other countries or Indigenous people, except china. It is strange to see that some of westernes are thinking about chinese want to invade other countries to get interest. That is why some of the western people so biased when they looking at things related to china.


I'm not a Trump fan. But I agree with him on one thing. We should work towards making our respective Western countries great again. And stop relying on China. Truth is we massively subsidize China in terms of tariffs. This must stop. We collectively helped them rise up. Now it's time to stop giving them a free lunch.


Australia needs nuclear weapons. And an East Asian version of NATO needs to be organized to counter Chinese take over of vast areas of ocean. And stop buying Chinese junk.


China is expanding its ports all over the world. They pretend to help countries by building ports and airports (infrastucture) for them and then "aquire" it when the country cannot pay the loan back. They have done this in Africa, silk road countries, south America etc. They are building islands with ports and airstrips as well as boats so they later can control the seas. They have already acquired underground resources in Africa. They want to control all the trade and wealth in the world.


The difference between china and japan is that japan has no resources or even the population to wage war. what japan had accomplished during WWII is truly amazing. china on the other hand does have natural resources and is even over populated, they can easily secure territories once conquered by sheer numbers.


Potential threat? And how do threats manifest themselves? I'll answer that, ultimately a threat manifests into conflict and war. Does conflict and war serve China's current or strategic interest? China is winning under the current commercial and trading relationship, why should it seek to upset that apple cart? Rather, it is the US that seeks at best a rearrangement of current relationships (trade war).
If I am winning at poker why would I seek to overturn the table, even in US westerns, it is the loser that overturns the table and initiates a gun fight.